Monday 13th July at 11.30am – I receive a friendly text message from KiddyKare asking for my availability for next week. I text back letting them know that I can work on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. I can’t work on the Thursday as I have a day out shopping planned with my friend to Reading!

Monday 20th July at 7.20am -Wake up by the sound of my phone ringing. I answer it just in time and it’s KiddyKare. How are they so chirpy in the morning? ‘”They need someone ASAP until 5.30’’. I roll out of bed and get ready. KiddyKare have text me through the address of the nursery and I know exactly where I’m going. I put on my KiddyKare uniform and grab a timesheet, my DBS certificate and my ID badge.

8.15am – I arrive at the nursery and show them my ID badge and DBS. The nursery manager is pleased to see me and asks me to sign in. I am shown around the nursery and shown the fire escapes, toilets, staff room, etc. Then I am taken to the ‘Caterpillars Room’. Lots of 2 year olds come up to me and start handing me books to read and toys to play with. I am introduced to the staff in the room and one of them explains to me that they are just about to tidy up for snack time. After snacks there is painting, singing time, garden time and lots of other things going on. The time is flying by! On my lunch break I even discussed last nights Eastenders with the staff. After lunch it’s garden time a visit from a singing lady, tea…. All of a sudden its 5.30!

5.30pm -The room leader says I’m ok to go and I go and get my timesheet. I fill it in and give it to the deputy manager to sign for me. She takes her copy and thanks me for all my hard work today. The children were great and the staff was friendly and welcoming. I hope I can go back to that nursery again!

It is then my responsibility to ensure KiddyKare receive my timesheet no later than Monday at 12.00 I find it easier to email it to the office before the weekend.

Author: Jen Wilson

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Your guide to EYFS Qualifications

The Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) sets out the requirements for staff to child ratios in settings delivering the EYFS and the qualification levels that practitioners must hold. The National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) defines the full and relevant qualifications that practitioners must hold to be included in the specified ratios at levels 2 and 3 of the EYFS. The Early Years Qualifications List provides guidance and a search tool to help those delivering the EYFS to identify qualifications that are considered to be full and relevant at levels 2 and 3.

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Hints and tips on preparing for your nursery interview

The KiddyKare guide on how to prepare for a successful Nursery interview!


1.  Decide what to wear. You should be smart and tidy, no jeans or trainers, we would suggest some dark trousers and a smart top! If you are staying after the interview for a play session ensure you are wearing something comfortable and no high heels! 2.  Take a look at the Nursery website for information about the nursery. It is always looks good if you have researched about the Nursery, take a look at their photos and if you are interested in a senior or management vacancy it is a good idea to take a look at their most recent Ofsted report. If the Nursery is part of a chain, look at where their other Nurseries are – you could mention this in your interview. 3.  Take all of your relevant documents with you. We suggest that you put them into a file with your Current CV as this will look professional. You may also want to take any written references that you have gained or testimonials you may have received from children or parents. 4.  Find out exactly where the nursery is. Know how long it will take to get there, and where you will be able to park. If there is no parking at the Nursery, find out where the nearest car park is and make sure you allow enough to time to park and then get to the Nursery. Print off a map to take with you in case you get lost! or Allow plenty of time to get there – if you are running late it may get you flustered and you won’t have a positive interview. Try to arrive on time – not too early as they may not be ready for you in a busy Nursery! 5.  Have a look through the possible questions you may be asked. And think about some answers.  Take a look at section A in preparation. 6.  Make sure you know exactly what position you are applying for and which room they are recruiting for. If you are unsure check with KiddyKare beforehand. If you know what age children they are looking to place you with, you can think of some activities appropriate for that age range beforehand. 7.  Prepare a list of questions you may ask at the end. Write these questions down so you don’t forget them, this shows you are interested in the position (see section B). 8.  Make sure you refresh your knowledge on the EYFS Take a look at the Early Years Foundation Stage website to update yourself Can you name the 6 areas of learning?

The interview

1.  Always arrive on time to the interview If you are running late just call them and apologise: remember to take the Nursery’s phone number with you and a note of who you will be seeing, so that you can ask for them when you arrive. 2.  Try to stay relaxed  I know it’s easier said than done, but keep smiling and try to stay calm!! 3.  Be polite and professional Greet the person interviewing you with a handshake and smile, this will look professional. Do not smoke before the interview they will smell it on you and it doesn’t look professional. 4.  Give detailed answers to questions When you are asked questions, try to give them a detailed answer not just yes or no - they want to find out more about you and your ideas and the way you would work within their team. 5.  Try to keep eye contact This shows you are confident in what you are saying. 6.  Stay for a play session if asked by the Nursery This is where you will spend some time in the Nursery rooms to give you a chance to see if you would be happy working there.  They may also ask the staff for some feedback on what they think of you! Ensure that you interact with both the staff AND the children as you will be assessed on this. 7.  Be prepared to ask some questions of your own They may ask at the end of the interview if you have any further question, this is when you can use your pre-written questions (see section B). 8.  Thank them As they are showing you out, thank them for their time, wish them a good day and again shake hands. 9.  Let us know how you got on Once you have left the interview - call KiddyKare to let us know how you got on!

Section A - Typical Nursery Interview Questions

Below are some questions that you may be asked in a Nursery interview: They will ask you about your career to date. They may ask which positions you enjoyed the most and why? They may also ask why you left each position? Q:  What do you most enjoy about working with children? What do you enjoy the least? Q:  Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? Q:  How would you discipline a 3 year old? Q:  How would you deal with a child who has bumped their head? Q:  If a parent came to collect a child who you didn’t know, what would you do? Q:  What is your understanding of the EYFS? Have you had experience in documenting a child’s development and doing observations? Q:  Can you name the six areas of learning? Q:  Who are OFSTED? Q:  Could you tell me what activities you could prepare for a 2-3 year old? Q:  Could you tell me what are the ratios for 0-1years (1 staff:3 babies), 1-2 years (1 staff:3 children), 2-3 years (1 staff:4children), 3-5 years (1staff:8 children). Q:  Do you have any experience in working with children with special needs? Q:  What training courses have you attended? (Remember first aid, manual handling, music courses, and activity courses). Is there any training that you would like to do in the future? Q:  What are your best attributes or what can you offer the Nursery? This is basically what you are best at in a team. Q:  They may ask if you have any holidays planned - Most employers will honour any previous commitments.

Section B - Questions to ask future employers in your nursery interview

Now some questions that you could ask - Remember to write these down!! Q:  How many children do you currently have in the Nursery/how many are you registered for? Q:  Which room are you recruiting for and how many children can you have in that room? Q:  Does the nursery offer any training? Q:  Are there any chances for promotion in the nursery? Q:  Does the nursery have parent meetings; would I be involved in them? Q:  When is a decision on my application likely to be made? Call us anytime with any queries or questions you may before or after an interview and remember - keep smiling!!!!