Monday 13th July at 11.30am – I receive a friendly text message from KiddyKare asking for my availability for next week. I text back letting them know that I can work on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. I can’t work on the Thursday as I have a day out shopping planned with my friend to Reading!

Monday 20th July at 7.20am -Wake up by the sound of my phone ringing. I answer it just in time and it’s KiddyKare. How are they so chirpy in the morning? ‘”They need someone ASAP until 5.30’’. I roll out of bed and get ready. KiddyKare have text me through the address of the nursery and I know exactly where I’m going. I put on my KiddyKare uniform and grab a timesheet, my DBS certificate and my ID badge.

8.15am – I arrive at the nursery and show them my ID badge and DBS. The nursery manager is pleased to see me and asks me to sign in. I am shown around the nursery and shown the fire escapes, toilets, staff room, etc. Then I am taken to the ‘Caterpillars Room’. Lots of 2 year olds come up to me and start handing me books to read and toys to play with. I am introduced to the staff in the room and one of them explains to me that they are just about to tidy up for snack time. After snacks there is painting, singing time, garden time and lots of other things going on. The time is flying by! On my lunch break I even discussed last nights Eastenders with the staff. After lunch it’s garden time a visit from a singing lady, tea…. All of a sudden its 5.30!

5.30pm -The room leader says I’m ok to go and I go and get my timesheet. I fill it in and give it to the deputy manager to sign for me. She takes her copy and thanks me for all my hard work today. The children were great and the staff was friendly and welcoming. I hope I can go back to that nursery again!

It is then my responsibility to ensure KiddyKare receive my timesheet no later than Monday at 12.00 I find it easier to email it to the office before the weekend.

Author: Jen Wilson

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Its 7:15am and I arrive to work, I let myself in with the key mum has provided me and I hear the little boy I look after run to the stair gate upstairs and shout down to me. I go upstairs and am greeted by him with a big cuddle, I then go in to mums room where she is doing her make-up and we have a chat about our evening and how he has been. I then take him downstairs for breakfast, giving him a bowl of corn flakes his favourite!! Mum comes down when she is ready and says bye to the boy giving him a kiss and cuddle, he waves back and continues to eat breakfast. After breakfast we sit and play, he already has toys out but likes to get more from his baskets, we sit and explore and read stories. After a while we go back upstairs and I get him dressed choosing his clothes from his drawers, I encourage him to help put his arms and legs in!! He then brushes his teeth and we go downstairs and set off for the day. Every day as a nanny is different some days we have playdates with other children and other days we go to groups, this is great as both him and I get to socialise and he is still learning new things in different ways. I tend to stick to a routine so on a Monday we attend “Messy Mondays” this is a walk in group that encourages children to explore messy activities such as painting, crazy form and water play, this is great as he loves to get messy!! We then attend “showstoppers” in the afternoon which is a music class encouraging children to follow different actions and explore sensory objects and lights. Getting out and about is great as it breaks the day up and keeps the him entertained and happy. We have lunch at home at 12pm which I prepare. As I prepare his food for the day I know his likes and dislikes which makes it easier, however mum is extremely relaxed and does not mind him trying new things which is great! At 12:30 I put him down for a sleep in his bed, playing soft music and patting his back until he falls asleep. Once he wakes we have a cuddle and a snack before heading off to music class, he walks in and explores the room and other children whilst I catch up with the other parents and nannies before the class begins. I encourage him to join in and time flies as we are both having fun! Before I know it, it is time to head home for tea. Once he has had tea we sit and play. He shows me what he wants to play with and I talk about what we can see, teaching him new words and linking words to objects. Mummy and daddy arrive home at 6pm and I tell them everything we have done for the day before I head home.

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I turn up to my shift at 7:30 knowing what time to start as my manager has put up the staff shifts for the week on the previous Friday and let us all know. I go up to the Baby Room where I am in charge and I greet all my staff members with smiles asking them how they are, I go on to let them know their morning duties working with them we begin to set the room up, choosing different toys to stimulate the children including mathematical, physical and creative as well as imaginative. The parents start bringing the babies in and we greet them asking how their children are, some babies come over with big smiles whilst others are slightly sensitive and need more comfort, luckily we have a key carer system and all babies have settling in sessions before starting full time so already have made a relationship with their carer. I already have all the children’s information recorded so I am aware of their likes and dislikes which makes it easier to comfort them and I make sure for every child who comes in upset I get out something they enjoy doing and have comforters at the ready!! As the day goes on we each do group activities with the children, teaching them through play and recording what they do on observation sheets, this is a simple paragraph on what the child did whilst exploring the toys and a photo taken on the nursery camera and I am responsible for my key children’s observations. Each baby has a separate routine and I ensure I know my key child when they start knowing what time they go to sleep and how they have their food/bottle this makes it easier for me and when its bedtime I go off with them in to our sleep room, get their stuff out of their baskets and rock or pat them to sleep. At 12:30 the children have their lunch and I start to send the staff on theirs, they go in to the staff room and all have a good chit chat about their day and weekend, all the staff get along and we are lucky enough to meet up outside of work so have lots to talk about!! The afternoon is filled with lots of play and messy activities and a trip to the garden, time flies by as we are all having fun and before we know It it’s time for tea!! The parents start to arrive from 5pm and I feed back to my key children’s parents telling them how their child has been and what they have been up to during the day. 6pm comes and it’s time to tidy up and go home and relax until tomorrow!!