A statement that can cause pure excitement but also alongside it bring a long list of things to do. The KiddyKare team know how much everyone wants to enjoy Christmas this year and make it the best possible. So, whether that’s watching all your favourite films, planning lots of Christmas days out or just making sure you spend time with the people closest to you. We thought we would put together some top tips to ensure you have the most stress-free Christmas possible!

1. Plan ahead

As it’s only the 1st of December this is a great time to sit down and make a Christmas plan, we find creating a list of things you need to do alongside a list of things you would like to do helps. This creates a structure for you to follow, showing which things need to go on your priority list and which things can be done if you end up with some extra time on your hands. (Do remember if you’d rather have five minutes to sit down, that’s ok as well)

2. Write things down

Following on from planning ahead and creating two different lists, you can break these down. I find creating a list for each week or daily lists dependant on how you personally prefer to structure it. This way you can do things when you know you’ll have free time rather than trying to do lots of things when you don’t!

3. Share the load

This is one of our MUST DO TIPS. Make sure you share the load with others. Pull in your best friend to help decorate while you catch up or let your children create the Christmas cards to send to all the family. Whatever is on your list, make sure to delegate some things to others and I’m sure they’ll always be willing to help. You never know, they might even enjoy it!

4. Spread activities out

To ensure one weekend isn’t more stressful than the other, be sure to spread things out. It’s a classic for all of us in December to forget we have other weekends, other evenings, and other days. If you try and fit every activity into a small amount of time, you will end up feeling stressed rather than enjoying yourself.

5. Create your own rituals

We know personally it’s hard to run away with an idea that you’ve seen on social media or heard from a friend. We are all guilty of wanting to create the perfect Christmas experience and we forget that we already have the perfect Christmas experience with the ones we love, anything we do is just an extra. So, create your own rituals, find out what works for you and your family. Create your own traditions, this way you’ll enjoy the activities you’re doing.

6. Embrace at home DIY activities

Its easy to fall into a trap of having to attend a million festive events in the run up to Christmas, which can end up being very time consuming, stressful but also expensive. The self-planned DIY home activities can be just as fun and a great way to spend time together. You could make something to decorate the house or bake a festive treat to share with friends/family.

7. Try and keep your routine

Everyone knows that during the Christmas period we all change our routine to allow for the different activities. However, we think that keeping to your routine as much as possible will really help when returning to normality in January and help to keep the calm in the Christmas chaos.

8. Make time for yourself

Throughout all the planning, festive activities, and family gatherings one of the most important things to remember is to make time for yourself. Everyone needs a bit of me time, so if for you that’s a nice bath, catching up on your favourite tv show or going for a daily walk. Try and keep this as normal as possible so that you get some time away from the Christmas chaos!

9. Don’t panic – if you haven’t got the Brussel sprouts!

When it comes down to it Christmas will be the best if you are all together. So, if you don’t manage to organise that extra activity or make a different pudding, don’t worry! Everyone will be happy if they are together

10. Remember to slow down and enjoy

The most important tip of them all is just to enjoy yourself, we know that we all spend lots of time making sure everything is so perfect so much so, we actually miss out on enjoying what we are doing. So however, you spend Christmas, whatever you do or whoever you are with, just remember to sit back and enjoy the moment.

Have a lovely festive season!


The KiddyKare team

Author: Jen Wilson

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