Monday 13th July at 11.30am – I receive a friendly text message from KiddyKare asking for my availability for next week. I text back letting them know that I can work on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. I can’t work on the Thursday as I have a day out shopping planned with my friend to Reading!

Monday 20th July at 7.20am -Wake up by the sound of my phone ringing. I answer it just in time and it’s KiddyKare. How are they so chirpy in the morning? ‘”They need someone ASAP until 5.30’’. I roll out of bed and get ready. KiddyKare have text me through the address of the nursery and I know exactly where I’m going. I put on my KiddyKare uniform and grab a timesheet, my DBS certificate and my ID badge.

8.15am – I arrive at the nursery and show them my ID badge and DBS. The nursery manager is pleased to see me and asks me to sign in. I am shown around the nursery and shown the fire escapes, toilets, staff room, etc. Then I am taken to the ‘Caterpillars Room’. Lots of 2 year olds come up to me and start handing me books to read and toys to play with. I am introduced to the staff in the room and one of them explains to me that they are just about to tidy up for snack time. After snacks there is painting, singing time, garden time and lots of other things going on. The time is flying by! On my lunch break I even discussed last nights Eastenders with the staff. After lunch it’s garden time a visit from a singing lady, tea…. All of a sudden its 5.30!

5.30pm -The room leader says I’m ok to go and I go and get my timesheet. I fill it in and give it to the deputy manager to sign for me. She takes her copy and thanks me for all my hard work today. The children were great and the staff was friendly and welcoming. I hope I can go back to that nursery again!

It is then my responsibility to ensure KiddyKare receive my timesheet no later than Monday at 12.00 I find it easier to email it to the office before the weekend.

Author: Jen Wilson

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