I turn up to my shift at 7:30 knowing what time to start as my manager has put up the staff shifts for the week on the previous Friday and let us all know.

I go up to the Baby Room where I am in charge and I greet all my staff members with smiles asking them how they are, I go on to let them know their morning duties working with them we begin to set the room up, choosing different toys to stimulate the children including mathematical, physical and creative as well as imaginative.

The parents start bringing the babies in and we greet them asking how their children are, some babies come over with big smiles whilst others are slightly sensitive and need more comfort, luckily we have a key carer system and all babies have settling in sessions before starting full time so already have made a relationship with their carer.

I already have all the children’s information recorded so I am aware of their likes and dislikes which makes it easier to comfort them and I make sure for every child who comes in upset I get out something they enjoy doing and have comforters at the ready!!

As the day goes on we each do group activities with the children, teaching them through play and recording what they do on observation sheets, this is a simple paragraph on what the child did whilst exploring the toys and a photo taken on the nursery camera and I am responsible for my key children’s observations.

Each baby has a separate routine and I ensure I know my key child when they start knowing what time they go to sleep and how they have their food/bottle this makes it easier for me and when its bedtime I go off with them in to our sleep room, get their stuff out of their baskets and rock or pat them to sleep.

At 12:30 the children have their lunch and I start to send the staff on theirs, they go in to the staff room and all have a good chit chat about their day and weekend, all the staff get along and we are lucky enough to meet up outside of work so have lots to talk about!!

The afternoon is filled with lots of play and messy activities and a trip to the garden, time flies by as we are all having fun and before we know It it’s time for tea!!

The parents start to arrive from 5pm and I feed back to my key children’s parents telling them how their child has been and what they have been up to during the day.

6pm comes and it’s time to tidy up and go home and relax until tomorrow!!

Author: Jen Wilson

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