Why consider a nanny?

Are you struggling to find time to manage everyday life, work and childcare? When considering all the childcare options there are out there it is difficult to know which one would best suit your family. If you are looking for something which enables your children to be able to spend time at home as well as outdoors and or mixed with school or nursery pick ups, a professional nanny may be worth looking at.

Having a nanny to take care of your children is a wonderful way in which they can spend time at home in their own space as well as going out and about to explore. A nanny can take on the responsibility of managing your child’s everyday routine including visiting their friends, local groups and also having qualifications in childcare means that they are able to track and monitor your child’s learning throughout their time with you.

Studies show that for the first three years of life children thrive best in their home environment. Being at home ensures they experience less illness, stress and fewer behavioral problems. Although this does not apply to every child it is still important to consider.

The benefits of having a nanny:

  • There is one-to-one care for your children from a dedicated nanny
  • Nannies are often happy to prepare healthy meals for the children
  • Personalized meal plans if necessary, especially if a child is weaning or has specific dietary requirements
  • Having a nanny is a wonderful way to ensure that children are developing social skills.Attending local groups, parks, meeting other nannies and going on exciting trips where they can learn about the world all help
  • Both parents and nannies share a common goal for all children
  • Children have secure attachment with the nanny ensuring strong emotional development
  • The close working relationship nannies have with parent ensures that they are able to communicate effectively about any issues or concerns
  • Nannies are generally happy to help with any additional hours or support needed due to the close nature of them being a part of the family home.

How KiddyKare can help

KiddyKare are here to support you throughout the entire process. If you would like to enquire about recruiting a nanny, contact us.  We will talk you through whether a nanny is the best option for you. If you decide to go ahead and start your search, then we will make every effort to get to know you as best we can to ensure the Nannies we put forward to you are well suited.

What KiddyKare has to offer:

  • One-to-one consultation from experienced Nanny consultant
  • Continuous support and guidance
  • We offer home visits. These ensure the nanny consultant can get to know your family and understand exactly what you need from a nanny
  • Professionally written agency job adverts placed on your behalf
  • We interview all nannies and ensure all background checks are carried out before they are put forward to you
  • We arrange all interviews at times convenient for both you and the nanny

Author: Jen Wilson

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