A temporary role doesn’t have to remain temporary for ever.  Starting as a temporary nursery assistant will allow you prove yourself to the nurseries and may well turn into a permanent role within your favourite setting.

That is why at KiddyKare, we encourage all of our temporary staff to use their daily nursery experience to learn as much as they can whilst working, because the best place to gain real experience and expertise is in a real-world environment.

We pride ourselves on the temporary team we have here at KiddyKare.  They may work flexible days and hours but that does not stop them from being the flexible, reliable, helpful and strong members of staff that every nursery team needs.

Ultimately, whether you would like a permanent role or not, it’s still always nice to be remembered as a happy and helpful team member, and the positive impact you made. You never know, you may need that recommendation or reference soon.

So, here are Kiddykare’s top tips for becoming a great Nursery worker:

1. Prepare

The day before you start, make sure you know where the nursery is, how long it will take you to get there. and the route you’ll take. Even looking at things like parking spaces or the closest train station can help you out massively during the morning rush and its one less thing to worry about.

2. Be on-time

Try your hardest to be on time: we all know that sometimes the unlucky traffic jam can make it very hard however time keeping makes a very good impression- Especially in a very busy nursery setting.

3. Keep a positive attitude

We all have bad days, and once people know you, they’ll be able to differentiate between those days. However, when you’re making a first impression with a new nursery team or trying to support a busy nursery team, it’s best to remain positive and helpful in all situations no matter how stressful they may be. The best thing they could receive is a friendly, smiley and positive temporary nursery assistant.

4. Always ask Questions and use your initiative

For us this is top priority, doing things before someone has to ask, is a godsend. Some days you just don’t have five minutes to ask someone to do something, so if you’re able to use initiative before being asked that’s great.

5. Two ears – one mouth:  Listen, and take on any feedback you receive in a positive manner.  Don’t be offended if someone asks you to do something differently next time; it just means that next time you’ll get it right.  Improve on the first time and that will make you look great. So, take on board any feedback and put it straight into practice.

6. Above all, enjoy yourself.  Doing something a job you enjoy is very rewarding, so in addition to all our other tips, make sure you enjoy yourself and make your working day a positive experience.

Author: Jodi Walden

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