Having worked in the field of childcare recruitment since 2007, we’ve noticed that the world of temporary childcare offers a range of benefits you don’t necessarily find with more permanent roles.


Temporary work is very flexible and can work around any other life commitments you may have. We have a large team of temporary childcare staff at KiddyKare who can change their hours/days weekly to fit around other commitments. So, if you need the ability to change the days/hours you work, this could be a great role for you. We also have staff members who work on a fixed Rota each week due to permanent weekly commitments such as the school run, so no matter your situation temporary work is an option.

Gaining Experience

Working flexibly as a temporary staff member within many nurseries, can really help you to experience a range of different settings and finding out how they can all work differently. We find a lot of people really enjoy seeing how different settings work daily, the individual features each setting has and the routines they have created.  This can really help you find a setting you like in case you ever feel you would like to work within the setting on a permanent basis.


As a temporary worker you are still entitled to all the legal entitlements of a permanent worker. If you would like to find out more about this, please give KiddyKare a call on 01628675828 or go to the pension page on the KiddyKare website.

A foot in the door

We find attending a nursery as a temporary staff member helps you prove yourself to them. If you are a great team member and work hard to support the setting they will request you again next time, which always helps with getting as much work as possible. This means you are also able to show them how hard working, reliable and driven you are. Proving this to a nursery really improves the chances of them requesting your again, or even offering a permanent role in the future.

Meeting a range of people within your work field

While being a temporary worker you will work with a range of nursery teams including Nursery Practitioners, Room Leaders, Management teams and more! We find it is always a great way to meet new people and build a professional network. Building this network is particularly helpful if you do want a  permanent role and need to attend an interview. Recognising a familiar face always make the process a lot less nerve-wracking.


Finally, I wanted to touch on the freedom of temporary work. If you fancy a last-minute holiday, have emergency plans or are just feeling spontaneous this role gives you the freedom to do so.

If you do think this kind of role would be perfect for you, please do get in contact with the KiddyKare team. We are on hand to answer any questions you may have or provide the documents needed to sign up!

Call us on 01628675828 or email us on team@kiddykare.co.uk

Author: Jodi Walden

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