Here at KiddyKare we know how hard our team of temporary staff work, so we thought we would provide you with our timesheet top tips. These are the main tips we would get you to follow to ensure you are paid correctly and on time. After all, no one wants to have to worry about getting paid.

1. Please make sure you provide your full name; it is very hard to trace the time sheet back to you if you don’t. So please make sure you have written your name clearly, as we would love to pay you on time, just as much as I’m sure you would love to be paid.

2. Double check the hours you have worked, we have a lot of people send over  time sheets with less or more hours than they have worked. So, making sure this is correct is best for both you and us.

3. Making sure the picture you send in is clear, close enough so we can see all details with nothing cropped off. Keeping your time sheet clean and flat, so it isn’t crumpled, and we are able to read it.

The ideal way for us to receive a time sheet is:

  • Non blurry
  • At an angle at which we can read everything
  • Nothing on top of the time sheet
  • Not crinkled or dirty
  • All details to be visible and easy to read

We hope these top tips help and make sending over your time sheets easy, we look forward to receiving them.

The KiddyKare team

Author: Jen Wilson

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